Our Vision

"To help employers design employee benefit programs that act as road maps to help their employees obtain their Financial Goals & Objectives."

What is Your Vision?

Benefits For America is an employee benefits consulting, design, & communications firm utilizing state of the art technology to act as an extended arm of a Company’s HR Department. As a consulting firm, Benefits For America specializes in providing:

  • An analysis of employee benefit programs
  • Developing new benefit plan designs
  • Providing employees with financial road maps in the workplace

Your Business Partner

Together, our objective is to make sure:

  • Your benefits program compliments your organizations goals and objectives
  • Your benefits program is comprehensive, consistent, customized and exceeds that of other local employers
  • To increase participation in tax saving plans through communicating & educating employees


  • Attract and Retain Employees
  • Educate employees through Benefit Statements
  • Offset the rising cost of healthcare and higher deductibles
  • Increased payroll tax savings